Defibtech Lifeline View AED

With exciting New Breakthrough in Lifesaving Technology, it just got even easier to help save a life. Defibtech Lifeline View features a video screen that shows you what to do in an emergency. Just one touch turns on the AED, lights up the interactive screen and a clear, calm voice[…]

Charm Bead Shimmer Bracelet

Add some sparkle to your routine with our new Shimmer Collection! Paired with our high polish Premier plate, this bracelet will put a twinkle in your eye AND on your wrist. * Surgical grade Stainless Steel * Personalized engraving for only $7 * Double clasp design allows you to interchange[…]

Lynx Shine

Chic and discrete, the Lynx Shine provides great looking security for every day (or night!) wear. * Rose gold titanium ion plating over durable stainless steel * Length of 7.5″ includes fold-over clasp * Personalized engraving for just $7

Stainless Steel Eternity Bracelet

Pretty and practical, our Eternity collection features a contrasting heart design in modern metal colors. * White enamel emblem – highly visible in an emergency * Stylish, durable Stainless Steel * Length of 7.5 inches, can be sized by a watch shop or jeweler for a custom fit * Personalized[…]

Floral Butterfly Action Bracelet

Pretty in purple – butterflies and flowers are perfect on even the littlest princess! * Surgical grade Stainless Steel-water and kid-proof! * Fits wrist sizes 5 1/2 – 7 inches – perfect for little wrists * Personalized engraving for only $7

Urban Black Leather Bracelet

Rugged. Modern. With just a hint of rebellion – perfect for the urban cowboy (or cowgirl) of any age! * Surgical grade Stainless Steel * Medical Emblem supports visibility in an emergency. * Adjustable sizing fits wrist sizes 7″, 7.5″ or 8″ * Personalized engraving for only $7

Epic Rustic Leather Bracelet

With a clasp that’s literally a “cinch”, our Epic Leather Bracelet reflects a breezy, effortless, relaxed surfer style. * Surgical grade Stainless Steel * Medical Emblem supports visibility in an emergency. * Personalized engraving for only $7

Lynx Onyx

Able and enduring, the Lynx collection provides great looking security for every day wear. * Stylish, durable stainless steel * Available in eight unique styles * Personalized engraving for just $7