Policy and Procedures for CEU Qualifications

Heart Saver Institute staff is available to support all learners and answer any questions Monday – Friday between 9:00 am & 5:00 pm or during any learning event. ​

What is a CEU: CFR uses Continuing Education Units (CEU) to record training hours. CEU is a nationally recognized standard which measures the value of content. Ten hours of training is equal to 1 CEU. ​

Requirements to receive CEUs: We no longer offer “Training hours”. All records of trainings are now issued as CEUs. To receive full credit students of CFR trainings must successfully complete all activities. The trainer will explain how to reach success for this workshop before the training session begins. Partial CEUs will not be given for partial completion of trainings. ​

Security and Privacy: A record of CEUs will be kept in Compliance training department for a period of 7 years. Compliance will only send you a copy of this record with written permission. ​

To Request a Transcript: Please send permission in writing to the following address: Heart Saver Institute 1110 Brickell Ave Ste 400K, Miami, FL 33131 *A small fee will be charged. ​

Conflict of Interest Policy: Heart Saver Institute trainer’s main goal is to teach students for Heart Saver Institute. Heart Saver Institute staff is paid solely by Heart Saver Institute for their services. The trainer's do not have any interest in personal, financial, political and/or professional gain. Heart Saver Institute training materials are owned by Heart Saver Institute. ​

Proprietary Interest: Neither Heart Saver Institute nor any Heart Saver Institute instructor has proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service, or material discussed during the learning event. Individuals who participate in events or programs have the right to know of the proprietary interests an instructor may have in a product or service mentioned. Heart Saver Institute is required to disclose each instructor’s proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service, or material discussed in the event, or program, as well as the source of any compensation related to the presentation. ​

Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Fair Use. Heart Saver Institute has guidelines in place to help insure that instructors, consultants and students have appropriate information and resources about the use of intellectual property and copyrighted materials. ​