Summer Job Safety for Young People

With the school year over, many teens and young adults will begin working at summer jobs. Especially for younger teens, these seasonal employment opportunities may be their first experience in the workforce, and their first real opportunity to learn how, and why, to always put safety first. According to the National Institute for[…]


Stories of husbands and wives who have spent decades together and then die within days of each other, despite no known major illness, are often publicized as romantic. But what is the science behind these occurrences? Is it possible to die of a broken heart? It undeniably happens, but the[…]


The lakes are warming up and for those living where fresh-water boating and swimming are favorite summer activities, boats and docks are getting spruced up for the season. There is one aspect of your boat safety, however, you may be overlooking – the electrical system on your boat and dock.[…]