Heart Saver Institute is now accepting instructors that are currently certified to teach, become a training center and also teach other instructors.

Once you have a current instructor license, please see the other requirements below:

    • Must have a valid instructor card
    • Must have a medical or teaching background for at least 6 months.
    • English is a must, bilingual always welcomed.
  • Communication and hospitality skills a plus
  • Ability to engage with all learning styles


Teaching Options:

  1. Skills Training- This option allows instructors to teach only the “hands-on” portion of the class in the classroom. The online training must be completed prior. Instructors get a discount on the online portal for their participants.
  2. Full Training- This option allows for the full theory and hands-on in the classroom.

Book fees: CPR $5 First Aid $5  CPR & First Aid: $10

Card fees: CPR $5 First Aid $5   BLS: $5 CPR & First Aid: $10

All cards include free replacement.

Next steps:

  1. Click to Fill out the application
  2. A $75 alignment fee must be paid
  3. Your instructor access and teaching material will be available