Fire Safety Course

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Fire Safety Course

The goal of this Fire Safety Course is to provide a knowledgeable understanding of the origins of fires, sources of fires, how to protect yourself, and how to prevent fires from occurring.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 3% of all workplace fatalities are a result of fires or explosions. Fires can and do happen just about anywhere. This Fire Safety Training course will give you a good understanding of fire safety, including an understanding of the variety of elements that can come together to make a fire, including static and electrical discharges, friction, vapor pressure, chain reactions, and flashpoints. This is important because if you can understand the many different ways a fire or explosion can occur and have the knowledge to mitigate these circumstances, this will go a long way in creating a safer work environment for you, and those around you.

This course was developed using the OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.150 pertaining to fire safety. In addition to the topics outlined below, this course also covers the proper use of, and various types of firefighting equipment, proper storage of flammables and combustibles, and liquefied petroleum gases.

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